Thursday, June 15, 2006


The past few days have been extraordinary. Blythe came in town to test run all the equipment and get footage of Kute in Los Angeles before we depart on this unknown sumptuous journey through Ghana. It wasn't all easy. At one point a camera battery didn't charge. A nice gentleman at a gas station let us charge it there. For the next two hours we followed Kute on his regular Sunday run three miles uphill. Kute ran circles up and down the hill with Blythe and I just breaking in our running muscles. We were far behind him until he ran back to us. I was happy at certain panting breathes that we didn't have the camera backpack to run with. There were so many moments though on the Santa Monica trail that leaped forward and begged to be captured. Kute said he will be running every morning in Ghana so my aerobic capacity is going to skyrocket from this project. The battery finally charged and we set off behind, infront, all around Kute for the afternoon. I'll save details of the extraordinary insights and beauty that came through for you to see in the documentary film.

Towards the end day on Sunday we shot in downtown Los Angeles. My gacious photographer friend Noah showed up and these are some of the pictures he captured.

I can't wait to get more updates. sounds like such an incredible project. Wishing you traveling mercies and a great trip :)

Paige and I had a blast with you guys the other night!
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