Friday, May 19, 2006

My Mission Statement as a Filmmaker:

"The first thing I ask a filmmaker when I start working with them is What is your mission statement as a filmmaker?" says Morrie. He's an author of two books; consultant to conscious nonprofit oranizations.

"You've got to discover your values. Your values are the first rule of storytelling. They're the script you live your life by." Fernanda says, in the most delicious accent. She's consulted on over 100 documentaries.

In 24 hours I met Morrie Warshawski at the Independent Documentary Association panel and had a consultation with Fernanda Rossi.

Now I share with you...

The VALUE I live life by is: If you are a vehicle for Truth, Beauty, Peace; Higher Consciousness you will be awake to the truth of what is and an ecstatic aliveness.

My MISSION statement as a filmmaker is to influence the world population towards a new domain of truth, freedom, peace, tacit aliveness and higher consciousness through state of the art transformational films.

The IMPACT I plan on making is that the inner hero in people is inspired, they identify a new way to be fully self-expressed, self-responsible, free-thinking, happy and ecstaticly alive –heaven is on earth.

This is who I am as a filmmaker. This is what you can count on me for.

Amber Lupton


amazing.. thanks so much Amber for being so candid about my country.... AKWAABA always.
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